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After 17 years, leather wears a little, just when they get comfortable.




Leather getting old?     

Replace it now with custom, hand made covers just like originals in those 7,000 Chrysler TC-Maseratis of 1989- 1990 -1991.

You can either spend a fortune or you can add a ton of hand lotion, but nothing will compare with these exquisitely crafted seats from a real tradesman right here, at home, in America.

Send your seats on their frames, console cover, or steering wheel with pre-paid shipping after confirmation of e-deposits and availability of "Corinthian leather" (Background). 

Turn around time of 2-3 weeks after leather arrives to complete a pair of these custom made beauties.  Work completed FCFS.

Color not a problem, all TC's had handcrafted seats from Italy.  All were Cinnamon with plenty of pillow.  This limited offer includes a matching console cover for extraordinary price. Call for estimate and reserve your new seats with $1,500 deposit. 

Headrests saturated with hand lotion or good quality leather conditioner can survive for a few more years.

You pay shipping estimated at $200 each way from most locations.  One un-assembled seat fits diagonally in a 30 x 30 x 12 box.

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I want to replace my Chrysler TC-Maserati seats.  How do I do that?

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Date to complete project   

 $125.00 inc deposit

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Exquisite color matching to original  Corinthian Leather interior including door curtains, dash board and carpeting.


Replace them with soft - durable leather that gives without stretching, ripping or tearing from daily driving.


Hand-crafted and fitted by Gilbert, a craftsman with 20+ years restoring antiques, classics and now Chrysler TC-Maserati interiors.

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